'Keisha Billip'

Latest IXCHEL cut - out now on Sola Terra records.


Keisha Billip is the latest single by Ebi Soda and was inspired by their roots in making jazz-flavoured beats in a dingy flat. Despite having finally left the bedroom and entered the studio, the band still wanted to strip back the creative process, building upon a tight trap groove and a pounding 808 sub bass. The track features Dan Gray on trumpet, whose harmonies blended with VVilhelm's signature trombone provide a sense of bliss before hitting you with just the right about of evil.

Ebi Soda are:

Sam Schlich-Davies - Drums
Hari-Lee Evans - Bass
Louis Jenkins - Keys
Conor Knight - Guitar
VVilhelm - Trombone 

The Steeze

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